Wednesday, June 3, 2015

20 Top App every MedStudent should DOWNLOAD !!

1- MedScape 
this app provides a comprehensive set of tools to support clinicians with all of their proffessional needs, including decision making support at the point of care , medical news , engaging CME courses , and much more .

2- Visual Anatomy 
free features interactive images of the human body and it's organs , muscles , skeleton and circulation , as well as a rotational 3D organ over view mood .

3- Eponym
great app that brings a short description of more than 1700 common and obscure medical eponyms .
a perfect tool to quickly look up the meaning of any eponym . 

4- WebMed
this app has many really usable and important features , including essential basic First aid information , a symptom checker , a drug and vitamin database , and pill identification tool .

5-  Epocrates Rx
with Epocrates you can instantly access drug prescribing and safety information for brand and generic drugs , very helpful for pharmacology students .

6- SkyScape
this app features drug information , medical calculator , 600 resources in 35 specialties , cross reference and much more .

7- PubMed
this app is a free database , to find and display reference material , it features offline storage , email sharing , advanced search and more .

8- Lexi-Comp
it contains the general drug reference information , it features drug interaction checker , dosage calculator , very helpful for pharmacology students .

9- Merriam-Webster Medical 
it concise a guide to the essential language of medicine with more than 35000 entries , pronunciations provided for all entries and cover brand names and generic equivalents of common drugs .

10- Medical Procedure Free
this app brings you the commonest bedside medical and surgical procedures , in a very simple and easy way .

11- MedLab Tutor 
this app is designed for students learning to record and interpret medical lab values from CBC , CMP, ABG etc . you can also see illustrations and exercises to associated conditions ..

12- CellAtlas
a guide to blood cell morphology . it contains mini lectures written by hematology experts with extensive cell image database . this app include games and cell Quiz .

13- Nerve Whiz
a free application for medical professionals interested in learning the complex anatomy of nerve roots , plexuses , and peripheral nerves . the app can provide you distinguishing features and detailed information , complete relevant pictures and diagrams .

14- 3D Brain 
use your touch to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures . discover each brain region functions , what happens when it is injured and how it is involved in mental illness .

15- Prognosis : your diagnosis
the developer of this app aim to "make medicine FUN" with a clinical case simulation game for physicians , medical students , nurses and paramedics . this app has been  one of the most downloaded apps . 

16- Touch surgery 
this app is designed to help surgeons learn the steps of their operations . it was described as "mobile surgical simulator" ..

17- Heart sounds and Murmur 
the app provides easy way to access and listen to wide range of abnormal heart sounds and murmurs for different heart conditions .

18- Ob (Pregnancy) wheel
a great app , multi-function pregnancy calculator , it calculates dates of pregnancy : Last Menstrual Period ,  Estimated Date of Delivery , weeks of gestational age , etc....

19- WikEM
an application that offering emergency medicine knowledge base has thousands of quick problem-specific notes to help you care for patients .

20- PasTest Medical Revision 
revise your topics , test your medical knowledge and challenge your speed to  answer , an addictive game which delivers revision questions to you in a random order to fully prepare you for exam day ..